Born in Kyoto, Japan 1969, I came to the US to study TV production as soon as I graduated from high school in Japan. Attending at California State University, Northridge, I changed my interest to film from TV. I started making several short films independently.


After the undergraduate program at CSUN, I still continued to commit my life into film making at the MFA program of California Institute of the Arts. My thesis film "COBWEB" got exposure at numerous film festivals all over the world.


A year later, I made the first independent short film "MEMORY" outside school.


In 2001, I was still motivated to make the next film "SLIP" shot on Super 8mm film and transfered on Beta SP. However, this project was stopped in the middle of the production because of the camera problem.


Two years later, I revived from the unmotivated stage and started to make 21 minute short "MASTERPIECE". I finally completed this short. I hope that I find as many exposure as possible.


I am currently working several different shorts and a feature length project which is a suspense thriller about a young man possessed by en evil spirit and running through deep forest. I hope that I can shoot one of those projects soon.

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