2004 | Color | Mono | 21 minutes | 16mm | 1:33


Maminski Productions in association with Free-man Productions


Cast - James Skousen, Stephanie Thorpe
Director of Photography - Zoran Milosavljevic | Co-producer - Cleveland Gillis & Tsuyoshi Qumano | Composer - Shigenori Ebata | Co-Editedor - Masahiro Sugano | SPFX & Makeup Artist - Kentaro Yano | Prop Constructor - Mitsuharu Isa | Prop Designer - Kentaro Yano | Writer & Director - Teruyuki Tsujita


Louis Wells is an ordinary, mid-aged man. He is fascinated with French culture. One day he finds an abandoned warehouse and starts to make a masterpiece of his art. How long does it take? Ten days or two months? It does not really matter to him. But he continues to work as he counts numbers upto 24.


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-Outstanding Film at Budapest Short Int'l Film Festival (Hungary) (05)


Official Selections
-6th Filmstock Int'l film festival (England) (05)
-Short Shorts Film Festival 2005 (Japan) (05)
-Anonimul Int'l Film festival (Romania) (05)
-Eerie Horror Film Festival (Erie, PA) (05)
-46th Brno 16 (Czech Republic) (05)
-Omaha Film Festival 2006 (Omaha, NE) (06)
-Vysnena Zem festival (Czech Republic) (06)
-9th Lenola Film Festival (Italy) (06)