radio 13 | independent radio station from osaka, japan. Now podcasting version is available. (Japanese only)



chiha - official web | "chiha" a very talented musician living in tokyo, originally from osaka. Her official website is finally up. You can check out her blog here, too. (Japanese only)

the adorable roach | Shigenori Ebata is the composer of "masterpiece". you can listen to his latest music. It looks very tricky. Read very carefully. (English only)



shige | Shigenori Ebata the composer of "masterpiece" now devotes into painting/sculpting. Check his new art. (English only)



cinema chronicle | Ms. Fukushima the writer of "hobo nikkan itoi shimbun" covers art such as film, theatre and painting. (Japanese only)

tsuji-log | "O-man" Tsuji, radio13 member, explores various subjects from his personal visions. (Japanese only)

chiharhythm | "chiha" a very talented musician living in tokyo, originally from Osaka. you can discover her unique talent from her essay-like blog. (Japanese only)



Foumiko Kometani official site | an award winning japanese writer foumiko kometani's official site. Through amazon.co.jp, you can purchase her books and related materials from all over the world. (Japanese only)



James Mehr, Independent Filmmaker | a young American independent filmmaker, educated in Czech Republic and now residing in NYC creates european-like human dramas.

Kentaro Yano, Make-up Artist/Special Make-up Effects | an very talented Japanese make-up artist/special make-up effects person. He is one of few officially union-registered japanese make-up artists.

klevstul.com or watashi.no | Frode Klevstul, a Norway-born cosmopolitan filmmaker has various talents from computer to Art. You will understand why he calls himself "Otaku" by one of his domain names. Take a look at his photo collections. They are fantastic!



Zoran Milosavljevic, Photographer | A long-time friend Zoran who is also a cinematographer of my last two films made his website exhibiting his photo collections.



lolabek.com | Animator & designer couple Lola & Bek create Russian influenced hip and cool art. I met them at ShortShorts Film Festivall in Tolyo. Bek loves sushi!!